Are Your Employees Engaged ?

Do you ever stop – look – listen to determine if your employees are engaged in their work … or your company ?

Most leaders don’t, they are usually too busy traveling or meeting to really notice what is going on around them and quite frankly many take their workers for granted.

Bad formula: (Travel + Meetings) – Listening = Disengaged Employee.

Disengaged employees can rob you blind – low productivity, poor service, poor quality, lack of attention to details, poor morale, turn over, and less then optimal financial results.

It’s important to the future of the business and the leaders career that they ensure their employees are fully engaged … to do, ask yourself these 10 questions;

  1. Do you have a fair total compensation package ?
  2. Have you provided a fun, interesting and safe work environment?
  3. Have you given them the tools to get their job done ?
  4. Are you providing them a personal development opportunity ?
  5. Are you providing them a career growth opportunity ?
  6. Is their work satisfying to them ?
  7. Are you an effective leader and boss ?
  8. Is there good communication throughout the organization ?
  9. Do you respect their work / life balance ?
  10. Do you consistently demonstrate the characteristics and attributes of an exceptional leader ?

Fully engaged employees are committed, they’re action oriented, they’re energized, they’re great team players and they deliver exceptional results.

So you better stop – look – and listen.

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