The Last Lecture – Leadership Lesson 1

I found the Randy Pausch Last Lecture video and book very uplifting and inspiring – full of life and leadership lessons. If you haven’t seen the video, you can see it here … and you can get the book here.


Leaders Don’t Complain

Although there may be plenty of reasons to complain, exceptional leaders don’t. Leaders don’t complain about such things as;

* their own management team

* their employee’s

* the terrible market place they’re in

* sales and financial results

* product quality

* lack of innovation

Exceptional leaders don’t sit around complaining about these sorts of things – they view these problems as their problems so they respond with well thought out solutions … and they do it quickly.

Some of the most common workforce complainers can be certain individuals on a sales force. They complain about everything. As an example;

* the product price is to high compared to the competition

* the product offering is not as good as the competition

* the product delivery is not as good as the competition

* the market is terrible and I’m not making enough money

* our competitors are killing us and I’m not making enough money

* management is not doing enough

And it goes on and on … I’ve heard it all.

Well Randy Pausch said it best in his book (pg.139) “complaining is not a strategy”.

Instead of taking the time and energy to complain about all of the things you complain about, spend that time and energy to develop strategies complete with action plans to address the challenge you are faced with.

First of all … a positive mind set wins out over a negative mindset every time and properly training or re-training your sales force in a down market always works.

As for the other noted complaint opportunities mentioned … fix the people you are not happy with or get rid of them

… re-evaluate the strategies you have for the market conditions you’re in adjust

… address the specific product quality problems and fix them ensuring you hold the right people accountable

… re-visit your product innovation objectives and make sure they are in line with your current business strategy

… and “complaining is not a strategy”

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