The Last Lecture – Leadership Lesson 3

I found the Randy Pausch Last Lecture video and book very uplifting and inspiring – full of life and leadership lessons. If you haven’t seen the video, you can see it here … and you can get the book here.


The Power of Humility

Do you know a boss or manager who is constantly taking credit for anything and everything good that happens ?  They do this to make themselves look good or feel important  … and they make me sick !

Exceptional leaders let others take credit for the success of the team, project, program or whatever good happens in their business. They know if they practice humility, positive results will continue to flow through their organization as their team will feel empowered, appreciated and respected for their contributions.

Additionally, who wants to work for an egotistical attention grabber ? Especially if it comes at your expense – nobody !

Ed Koch, ex-mayor of New York City was once asked what he attributed his success to. He responded by saying “I make absolutely sure nothing creative or important is ever identified as my idea”. This is exactly how exceptional leaders think and behave.

Randy Pausch’s story on page 96 leaves me thinking his father was an exceptional leader and role model.

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