Developing Leaders

Although there many ways to help leaders develop in their role – leadership seminars, leadership workshops, mentoring, coaching from the boss, leadership professional coaching, self development plans – utilizing a leadership 360 degree feedback survey is the best place to start.

A leadership 360 degree feedback survey is a tool in which leaders rate themselves and receive confidential anonymous feedback from from a group of raters – their boss, their direct reports, their peers including customers as an option.

The purpose of a 360 degree feedback survey in leadership development is simply for managers and leaders within organizations to get a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses while providing a base for the creation of an individual development plan.

The results of a survey quickly identify “blind spots” and “disconnects” for the leader. As an example; if communication is a key competency the company wants their leaders to possess and the leader rates themselves as “excellent” and their direct reports rates the leader as “poor” we have a classic (and common) blind spot – the leader didn’t see it coming – and a disconnect – the leader and their direct reports are not on the same page … oops !

It’s important you have good detailed questions in your survey, otherwise the competency – communication skills – is too broad and you won’t know what aspect of communication skills to focus the leaders development on. As an example, the communication skills survey questions need to include questions about listening skills, presentation abilities, meeting effectiveness, written skills, verbal skills, communication timeliness, and other important elements that make up the competency.

This is only one example of the power of a leadership 360 degree survey … because now you have a well defined area to focus on developing the leader – Communication Skills.

Of course there are a number of leadership competencies you’ll want to measure leadership on – send an email request to to receive a sample leadership 360 degree feedback report outlining 7 core leadership competencies with 95 measurement questions.

You can also use a 360 degree feedback tool to measure all employees in your company – but it does start with leadership and their development.

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