Why Leadership Coaching ?

Many who are not familiar with professional coaching often wonder – why do I need a leadership coach ?

The simple answer is that a leadership coach can help you improve your leadership effectiveness. Here is a summary of some of the issues a leadership coach would work on with you;

Remove Obstacles to Success

* isolate weaknesses in basic and necessary skills – improve as appropriate

* isolate strengths in basic and necessary skills – learn to leverage

* benefit from the results of personal assessments

* Eliminate stress by achieving desired work – life balance

* Transform management tendencies to leadership skill sets

* Manage and monitor performance against goals

* Design and implement your individual development plan

Brainstorm Strategies

* Receive the benefits of  an experienced outside perspective

* Objectively challenge your assumptions and beliefs

* Review, suggest or help design action steps

* Provide support, encouragement, validation and confidence

Assess Career Direction

* Seek assistance with the design of a sound career path

* Gain insight into who you are and your true potential

* Paint a vision of what you can become or accomplish

* Considering transition into a different company in same industry, to a different industry, and / or to a retirement career

Ensure Career and Job Satisfaction

* Identify ways to minimize the future impact of unfulfilling work today

* Receive help in getting “unstuck” from a career going nowhere

If you’ve not worked with a professionally seasoned coach before, I’m willing to give you a complimentary coaching session to see how you like it or a long list of references – just drop me an email and let me know your preference – randy@leadershipcoaching360.com

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