Presentation Skills

How are your presentation skills ?

Specifically, how are your speaking skills ?

Many leaders underestimate the importance of developing their speaking skills. After all you only have to deliver a speech every once and awhile and you’ve gotten pretty good at just winging it. So why bother – right ? WRONG !!

Usually you are to busy too perfect the message or practice the delivery – so you do OK – at least everyone tells you so. You probably get comments like “nice job” – “excellent speech boss” from your co-workers or subordinates. You believe them and convince yourself next time you’ll do better because you’ll have the time to work on it – WRONG !! …. you never do.

I suggest you begin to develop better messages and delivery now – to help you to learn what a great speech is all about, I suggest you go to AMERICAN RHETORIC – Top 100 Speeches – HERE. You can listen and read the best speeches ever delivered and compare them with yours.

Ask yourself – what made that speech so good ?

You’ll discover the choice of words, the simplicity, the well timed pauses are just a few clues to a well made speech.

If you are looking for a couple of tools to improve your speaking and presentation skills – I recommend “Killer Presentation Skills” a DVD by J. Douglas Jefferys – HERE … and the best book I’ve read on the topic “Better to Best: How to Speak for Extraordinary Results – Every Time by David J. Dempsey 

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  1. So true that many just don’t care enough to try and do well. Great site! Thanks,…David

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