How To Sell More In A Down Market

Over the past number of weeks I have neglected my blog postings as I have been working on an eBook – How To Sell More In A Down Market – The Leadership Secrets To Dynamite Sales Results.

Well almost done with the book and back to my leadership blog.

The eBook is not a selling skills book, but instead a challenge to sales professionals to take a leadership approach to their sales responsibilities. By doing so they ideally will improve their sales results.

The eBook is full of leadership advice, tips, tools and inspiration.

If sales professionals begin with taking accountability for their results – just like CEO’s or small business owners do – then they will turn to finding solutions for more sales instead of – “it’s not my fault I’m not selling my targets, it’s the market … business is bad”.

Don’t know who said it, but there is “no new business … only someone elses business”. So let’s go get it. Which means you have to plan, strategize, be productive, get excited, get better and make sure you are a professional with the right attributes for success.

Hopefully the book helps someone sell more and bring home a fatter commission check.

You can learn more at the books website HERE

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