Micro Managers Are Not Leaders

I don’t know why, but recently I have been exposed to a flood of micro-managers.

The painful thing about micro-managers is not only their suffocating style but their adamant denial of their management style. 

Denial, denial, denial.

Maybe they would get it if this Holiday Season, Santa were to place a note into their stocking hung by the fireplace? If he did, this is what it would likely say.

Dear Mr. / Ms. Micro-Manager;

You’ve been a very bad boy – or girl. 

Santa has been watching you all year and is very disappointed in the leadership of your business. You have had an excellent opportunity but because of your micro-management style you have failed in many ways.

You have stiffeled growth in your company and in the people you are responsible for developing.

Decisions that should be made, were never made.

You promised to do things, but never did them.

You failed to communicate to your team effectively because you were too busy doing someone else’s work.

The amount of turn over in your staff was at a record pace and you failed to understand, care or acknowledge why. 

You have no time for anything.

Your customers are going away in droves because you have no time to listen to them.

“Your impossible” … is what I hear your team say – but they don’t tell you because you don’t have time to listen.

Santa’s gift to you is this little bit of advice;

Acknowledge you have a problem and change your style.

Get some help. Learn to empower, develop and trust those on your team … you will be amazed with the results.

Love Santa

PS >>> Your family misses you !

If you have micro-management tendencies, don’t wait for a note from Santa – get a professional leadership coach to help you overcome this terrible critical leadership disease.

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