Catch a Whiff of This !

Have you ever wondered about the power of different aromas, smells and scents? Well you will learn allot from a fascinating must read book which is on the market today – Whiff! The Revolution of Scent Communication in the Information Age. 

Everything Smells!

It’s the truth! Everything and everyone on Planet Earth has a distinct smell.

From your mother and lover to your books and local convenience store.

And every smell creates a perception in the form of pictures, memories and feelings.

Key word – Perception, and we all know that Perception Is Reality!

Now you can learn how to enhance how others perceive you by merely understanding the vast importance of scent.

Learn which scents can make you look younger, sexier, thinner, and more attractive.

Discover scents that can boost memory and recall, or relax and invigorate you.

Identify scents that warn you of danger and help you to navigate. 

Scents create unforgettable, emotional tattoos upon the brain, indelibly stamped when during highly emotional experiences. 

You can learn about how scent plays one of the most important roles in your life in this fascinating new book.

 Authors Russell Brumfield, James Goldney and Stephanie Gunning unveil for you a powerful future trend. A trend based on primal human biology. 


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