Time Management and Time Wasters

The most effective leaders are masters at managing their time … I call them “Personal Productivity Champions”.

A critical aspect of being a personal productivity champion is the ability to identify and crush time wasters. A time waster is something that robs your planning and executing time and does not contribute to your efforts to lead. 

So as you go about trying to improve yourself this new year, do yourself a favor and pay attention to the things that waste your time and eliminate them. By identifying and eliminating time wasters, you will be in a position to have more time to plan, execute and achieve your goals.  

It’s actually a tougher assignment than it sounds.

Afterall, if time wasters were a problem in the past you would have already dealt with them … right?

Ten minutes here or twenty minutes there is really not a big issue  … right?

Wasting time is costly and “IS” a big issue … if you can save 3 or 4 hours of week by crushing time wasters you win … right?

Think about it …  3 hours per week saved x 48 working weeks = 144 hours saved = 18 days of more effective leadership – or more time for the family. WOW !

So if you are committed to improving your personal productivity this year  … get some help from your leadership coach. He / she can help you identify and crush those nasty time wasters, saving you time and money while making you a more effective leader.

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