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Customer Love

I recently worked with a client who wanted to take their already high level of Customer Service to a higher level. In preparation for the customized workshop, I re-read this great little book – Customer Love by Mac Anderson.

It is slammed full of 24 – great customer service stories that make you smile and appreciate there are other companies out there who are really committed to providing customer satisfaction … and there are so many great ideas and techniques to enhance your customer service and help you understand what it takes to establish a customer service culture.

Excerpt from Customer Love – By Mac Anderson

 The 10 phrases from my friends at Walk the Talk are an illuminating reminder of how uncomplicated it is to make customers feel loved. People don’t care how much you know, (or what you sell, or what type of service you provide) until they know how much you care!

 The 10 most important words:                                                                                            

“I apologize for our mistake. Let me make it right.”
When something goes wrong, most people merely want to be heard and acknowledged. So listen, apologize, then ask what you can do to make it right.                                                                                                                        

 The 9 most important words:

“Thank you for your business. Please come back again.”
Repeat customers cost less than new customers and are often more loyal.

 The 8 most important words:

“I’m not sure, but I will find out.”
It’s ok if you don’t know the answer; it’s not ok to make the customer keep searching for it. That’s your job.

 The 7 most important words:

“What else can I do for you?”
Be prepared to go the extra mile, there is less competition there.

 The 6 most important words:

“What is most convenient for you?”
Your customers will be pleasantly surprised when you ask what’s convenient for them.

 The 5 most important words:

“How may I serve you?”
This question reinforces your role in the relationship. Play that role the best you can.

 The 4 most important words:

“How did we do?”
Feedback is critical! Your customers have a unique perspective and they appreciate being asked.

 The 3 most important words:

“Glad you’re here!”
Customers who feel welcome spend more time, more money and are more likely to return.

 The 2 most important words:

“Thank you.”
Basic manners… but how often do you get thanked when you’re the customer?

 The MOST important word:

Become a yes person.

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  1. You are so right, customer service is key to the success of any business. I’m in the flower business and one of the main things I have over online bogus flower shops and gorcery stores is our outstanding customer service. If you don’t get GREAT customer service from a business of any kind, look for a different shop. There are lots of great shops that do provide wonderful service. Thanks for your post!!

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