Leadership Essentials in a Challenging Economy

As business owners, leaders and managers we wake up every morning asking ourselves, “Is this the day we begin to see the signs of an economic recovery?”

When really we should be asking ourselves two questions:

  1. How do we sell more today?
  2. Are we positioned for the recovery should it happen tomorrow?

Waiting to see if the recovery from our recession is just around the corner is not a healthy place to be. If you are waiting, you may be waiting a long time while missing out on great opportunities today to survive this economic downturn.

If you can’t wait for things to get back to normal, like they were prior to the recession, don’t hold your breath because that may never happen.

What we all need to do is a better job of adjusting to this economic reality beyond simply slashing staff and costs.

Sure the markets are smaller and you should make appropriate changes to your cost structure to reflect the new realities. But are you doing the other right things to aggressively defend and grow market share today and in the future?

Or are you working on improving the business you run today so it emerges as where your customers (old and new) prefer to do business?

Tough times will go away, but you need to survive them first and be ready when they do.

I’ve done a number of leadership presentations on this subject lately and am amazed how the leaders in the audience “wake up” and relize they are not doing the things they need to do to position themselves and the company for the economic recovery.

In the leadership presentation I share 12 things leaders must do now to position for the recovery – check it out here.

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  1. Randy, This is wonderful information,I will be using some of your dynamic ideas to boost the moral of my team.

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