Evaluating Your Leadership Skills and Leadership Behaviors

Was this a good year for you?

Are you happy with the results given the economy?

How do you really know how you or your leadership teams are doing ?

It’s important to find out because if you have a toxic work environment – or a toxic leader on your leadership team – you need to know. When the economy comes back and there are more jobs available for your employees, they will be jumping ship so fast your head will spin.

It’s time for a good old fashion 360° feedback survey for you and your leadership team.  A 360° feedback survey;

•  Measures leadership behaviors and competencies

•  Provides feedback on how others perceive an employee

•  Addresses relevant leadership skills such as communication, planning, and accountability

•  Brings focus on subjective areas such as teamwork, character, and leadership effectiveness 

Do yourself a huge favor … evaluate your leadership skills and leadership behaviors from your employees perspective.

As a leadership development coach and advisor – let me get you started by sending you a free copy of a typical feedback report – just send me an email requesting it – randy@LeadersEdge360.com

You want to strengthen your leadership team don’t you?

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One Response

  1. Reviews like those are important. Sometimes, those who do the hiring “feel” leadership in others that doesn’t translate to those who are supposed to be led. This is a great way to make sure the hunch and the reality match.

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