How to Improve Personal Productivity by Crushing Time Wasters


Now that the year is almost over and you begin to reflect on improving for 2011, let’s focus on time management. How are you at time management? Or as I like to refer to time management,

How is your personal productivity?

Do you accomplish everything you set out to do in a day?• Do you find yourself running from one thing to another?

• Do you know the “time wasters” in your world?

• Do you know how to eliminate the “time wasters”?

• Do you procrastinate?

• Do you know your priorities?

• Do you get consumed by email?

• Do you have time to work on improving your skills?

• Do you run out of time to accomplish the tasks you want?

• Do you have enough time for your family?

• Do you wish you had one more hour in a day?

It is essential for career advancement and leadership to master the art of personal productivity. Like a CEO who leads a worldwide organization cannot afford to waste a single minute when trying to profitably grow their business … and neither can you.

If you started the year off with great intentions and struggled in managing your time, now is a good time to get back on track for. Going through the rest of the year and into next without a good structure in place is not worth the stress and you deserve better.

Begin to identify and crush time wasters- NOW! Click here to learn how!

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