Leadership Lessons from “A Tender Warrior”

I’ve never been in the military, but I admire and respect those that are and have been. We hear the men and women in the military serve our country, I think we know what that means … but do we really appreciate the sacrifices they make to serve us?

Do we really appreciate the quality of leadership it takes to be a military officer leading hundreds or thousands of men and women knowing that many days could be their last?

Think about the unwavering character, the communication, the thinking, the caring, the mental toughness and the accountability our military leaders must have.

This little book – “A Tender Warrior” by Lt. General Hal Moore is a quick read and provides valuable insight into authentic leadership. You can read an excerpt here.    You can see a short video here

As individuals, I don’t think we don’t do enough to show our appreciation for their contribution to our livelihoods.  So I encourage you to find time in your busy day to do something special for a Veteran and or a member of the military and their families.

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