Handwritten Notes of Appreciation

 Randy Goruk’s Leadership Tip of the Week 

 Have you ever received a hand written note of appreciation, encouragement or congratulations from someone?

 Do you remember how it made you feel ? Good ? Great ? Important ? Or maybe a feeling that the person who wrote the note, really cared about you ? After all they took the time to write you a handwritten note that was focused on you.

 As the leader, ask yourself – Do I care ? … Do I really care ?

If you do care, sending handwritten notes of appreciation or congratulations should be part of what you regularly do. I challenge you to seek out opportunities to make someone feel real special by sending them a genuine, heartfelt note expressing how you feel about something they did … or something they’re doing.

It’s a pretty good use of your time – if you are genuine and sincere you will build loyalty.

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