New Leadership Book Helps Managers Become Better Leaders

Companies today are faced with many operational challenges – driving revenue and profits while optimizing existing cash flow, developing quality products and services, and inspiring and motivating employees. They are under more pressure than ever before. “Sparks” is a new book that addresses these issues (release date is April 5, 2011). “Sparks was written to help managers become better leaders, which results in improved productivity, stronger teams, and less turnover. The best leaders help companies to retain their best talent even in the hardest economic times,” said Randy Goruk, author of the new book, “Sparks – A Business Fable”.

 ‘Sparks’ explores the six core leadership competencies every leader needs. Plus, readers come away with over 90 specific action steps they can use to master real life leadership challenges, while at the same time, becoming more effective leaders.

 “When it comes down to it, business success is not just about strategic plans, budgeting, cost control, or meeting sales quotas.  It’s about the people at a company who are committed to serving clients and providing excellence in every aspect. Employees who feel empowered, appreciated and take pride in themselves and their company create strong and successful businesses.  And to create that kind of teamwork, culture and spirit, you’ve got to have strong managers with solid leadership skills.” Goruk added.

 “Randy’s story brings his principles of leadership into everyday, specific application. This day-in-the-life parable draws the reader into the story and makes a memorable set of lessons about how practical leadership works.” said Gregg Renner, the Vice President of Marketing at MiTek Industries, Inc.

Randy Goruk started his career as an entry level design technician, and by delivering results and developing rock-solid leadership skills, he climbed the corporate ladder of a multi-million dollar organization, becoming a Senior Vice President at the age of 31. After a successful 26-year career, Randy now develops business leaders through his coaching, training and professional speaking services. See  Find out more about ‘Sparks’ and becoming a better leader at



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