Leadership and Accountability

                                                                             I thought I’d share an action item in my recently published book – ‘Sparks – A Business Fable’ which contains over 90 different leadership action items. You can learn more at www.SparksTheBook.com  

There always seems to be someone in the news that is refusing to take accountability for their performance, actions or behaviors. The constant theme seems to be ‘it’s not my fault.’ 

This is a good reminder for leaders; you are accountable for the results of your company … and if you don’t achieve the desired results you can’t blame it on the economy. Don’t blame it on your team either, because although you can delegate responsibility, you can’t delegate accountability.  

However, you can hold people accountable for not successfully completing tasks, projects, assignments as well as their actions, behaviors and performance in their normal responsibilities. Surprisingly, many leaders have a difficult time with this.

Leaders always do the right thing by embracing accountability and are certain to hold others accountable for their performance, actions and behaviors … they mindfully create a culture of accountability.

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