Achieving Results

Following is an excerpt of an article I wrote that was published in a leading leadership development magazine – ‘Leadership Excellence’. You can read the entire article here.

Having an article published in this magazine is special to me because published in the same issue among others is Marshall Goldsmith, Stephen R. Covey and Barack Obama.

To achieve maximum results, you must get the most out of all team members. Sincere and genuine interest earns loyalty-critical to the success of your team. Caring means that you care about the people on your team personally and professionally.

You care about their performance, growth, advancement, success, role, health, safety, culture, work-life balance, and the resources they need to do their jobs.

You also care about aligning your values with company values, preserving the culture, satisfying customers, improving product quality, and engaging all stakeholders. More …

Look for opportunities to emphasize and practice safety at your work place. Extend that to employees’ homes where practical. As an example, find ways to introduce camping or boating safety guidelines during the summer or cooking safety during the holiday season.

There are just too many unnecessary accidents that occur every day … you can make a difference.


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