Eliminating Bad Habits

Great leaders are always looking for ways to improve themselves personally and professionally.  This continuous effort of self-improvement is part of the leadership journey and at times can be hard to do … particularly when it comes to self-critique.

You should drop at least one bad habit by the end of this month – think of it as a ‘second half resolution’ instead of a ‘new year’s resolution’ … by eliminating a bad habit, you will have accomplished an important step towards becoming a better leader.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eliminate one (or more) bad habit(s) this month?

What are you thinking? … That you have no bad habits?

Heck, we all have bad habits!

Here are a few classic examples:

·         Interrupting someone when they’re talking

·         Taking days to return a phone call

·         Checking your personal email while working

·         Using inappropriate language

·         Not accepting the feedback of others

Or, maybe you use one or more of these over used and annoying words or phrases?

·         “Absolutely”

·         “At the end of the day”

·         “24 – 7”

·         “Here’s the deal”

·         “Think outside of the box”

Still think you’re clear of any bad habits?  Then I challenge you to ask someone in your organization this question; “What one thing would you like to see me stop doing?” … They’ll tell you!

I don’t think there is anything such as ‘eliminate a bad habit month’ … but wouldn’t it be great if you could eliminate at least one bad habit this month?

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