Crushing Time Wasters

It always seems that as the year progresses, we find ‘Time-Wasters’ creep into our day.

‘Time-Wasters’ are those things that simply rob us of our time … they distract us from doing the important things we need to do.

‘Time-Wasters’ are things like; fire-fighting a problem that should have been avoided, interruptions from a co-worker or vendor, waiting in traffic, waiting in line somewhere, looking for something among our cluttered desk / office, procrastinating on an issue, unnecessary email messages, clarifying misunderstandings and the list goes on.

Identify at least one thing that consistently wastes your time and crush it. Crushing it means make a conscious effort to eliminate it from your day.

After you crush one ‘Time-Waster,’ find another and crush it too … then repeat.

Having the extra few minutes available to you each day should enable you to do what we need you to do … and that is lead your team.


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