Summer Safety

Is it me … or does it seem once the weather warms up the number of ‘summer related accidents’ sky rockets ?

Recently, there was tragic boat accident that happened in Lake Lanier near Atlanta. Sadly children were killed and as in any accident, this could have been prevented. You can read more here.

I’m not sure what happens during the summer but for some reason we seem to get careless at home, on the roads, on the water, while we’re camping / fishing … we lose focus.

We also forget about the danger caused by the sun, the storms, the insects, the wildlife, the food we eat … ‘the other guy’ on the road or in the water.

We all diligently practice safety at work and we need to bring that same level of intensity and consistency home.

So, my leadership tip of the week is to demonstrate that ‘you care’ by being a leader with summer safety. I recommend you find at least 3 – summer safety tips to share with your team … and keep summer safety visible in your organization.

I’ll do my part by hosting a complimentary Summer Safety Webinar on Thursday July 19th with a safety expert Mylon Stark of Big Picture Safety … Mylon will share with us a number of tips and techniques to keep us all safe this summer … you can learn more here.

Yes, summer is here … and safety should never take a vacation!

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