Evaluate and Adjust


Today is the last day of January … my leadership tip this week is to have you schedule a 60 – minute meeting with yourself to reflect on your activities and results for the month.

Seriously … put the meeting on your calendar !

Avoid all distractions. Go offsite, or close the door to your office, deactivate your email and telephone. At your meeting ask yourself some great questions … questions that will cause you to think deeply.

Ask time related questions like:

If I had another 4 – hours this month, what would I have done with it ?
What were the 3- biggest time -wasters? … and what can I do to make sure they don’t happen again next month?

Ask goal related questions like:

Which January outcomes am I most pleased with?

Which January outcomes am I most disappointed in ? … and what can I do to make sure they don’t continue to disappoint ?

Ask professional development questions like:

What are the 3 – things I learned this past month that helped me with my professional growth and development?

Who did I help with professional growth and development this past month?

Who on my team needs the most professional development and how will I help them next month?

I’m hopeful these questions will stimulate your thinking and will help you generate the relevant questions most important to you and your business.

The probability of a successful year dramatically rises with your ability to constantly evaluate performance and make necessary adjustments.

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