Happy Valentine’s Day

16009731_thbToday is Valentine’s Day … a time to celebrate happiness and fulfillment in our relationships … a time to celebrate love.

Most of us will spend only part of the day with our loved ones, about a third of the day sleeping and another third of the day at work.

Apparently there isn’t a lot of love happening at the workplace. According to the Gallup organization, on average (and across many boundaries) there is a large percentage of people who do not find happiness and fulfillment at work (74%).

This is a very troubling statistic – even if it’s only half true … we all need to do better.

My leadership tip for you this week is to find a way to measure the happiness and fulfillment of your team. Do it formally or do it informally … don’t assume you have one big happy and fulfilled family.

If your team isn’t happy and fulfilled at work, you are headed for turmoil and disruption – not an area the leader should be spending his / her time and effort in … full engagement is where you want to be.

There are many things a leader can do to achieve an organization that is fully engaged. Here are three suggestions to get you started;

1. Show a genuine interest in your teams career goals and help them achieve them

2. Elevate your level of sincere recognition / appreciation for accomplishments and effort

3. Greatly improve the frequency and quality of communication

Keep this thought in mind … ‘everyone wants to love what they do – if they can’t find it with you, they will look for it somewhere else’.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones … and enjoy your leadership journey !

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