Inclusion Is Magical

24716218_thbDo you remember when you were growing up and someone older than you invited you to participate in a game with all of the other kids?

Maybe it was a friends older brother or an adult organizing a pickup game of softball or some other activity in the park or school yard.

Or do you remember the first time you helped mom in the kitchen? How about the first time you joined dad as he tinkered in the garage or worked in the yard?

Maybe you didn’t know all the rules or know exactly what do to, but do you remember how excited you were to participate?

Maybe you were not very good at the activity, but do you remember how you gave it your best effort?

Do you remember how good it felt to be included?

Inclusion is magical. It creates excitement, best effort, good feelings, loyalty and confidence.

My leadership tip this week is to look around your workplace and find someone who you can invite to do something they don’t normally do. Someone who you don’t normally get involved in things. Someone who is has a future with your organization and is looking to play.

Give them exposure. Have them participate in a project, a meeting, a conference call, a customer meeting, a trade show, an industry conference, a special assignment … it doesn’t matter … include them, give them a learning experience.

If you do this, you will have helped someone in your organization learn and grow.

They will also be excited, give it their best effort and feel good about themselves, you and the organization … which is exactly how exceptional leaders want their people to feel and act.

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