Unwavering Character Is Serious Business

Logo1If you live in Atlanta, you are probably aware of the mess surrounding the leadership of the Atlanta School Board system … oh what a web we weave !

In the story, there are allegations of cheating, lying and intimidation … and there are a variety of criminal charges (including racketeering and theft by taking) levied against school board officials and multiple teachers.

It’s been in front of us since 2008 … I included it in one my weekly tips in 2011 and turned it into a blog post you can read here if you’re interested.

Here we are in 2013,and now we have indictments in this sad case. Sad because, there is evidence that many of the kids are still behind in grade appropriate skills … all because the teachers and administrators adjusted failing test scores to passing test scores advancing the student through the system.

Many of the cheating teachers received bonuses and recognition for the remarkable work they did in educating the students.

You really need to read this New York Times article to truly appreciate the magnitude of what has allegedly gone on.

My leadership tip this week is to remind you about the seriousness of maintaining your unwavering character. Some people in this story will go to jail and lose everything they have because they did the wrong thing … they wavered from truth and honesty – essential make up of a successful leader – don’t do the wrong thing !

Although they’re not the first, nor will they be the last people in this country do try and get away with something that lacks character, we can learn their mistakes … and there are plenty of ‘never lessons’ in this story. Here are five for you:

1. Never lie

2. Never cheat

3. Never bully or purposely intimidate people

4. Never reprimand someone for telling the truth or for doing the right thing

5. Never manipulate the system for personal gain

You probably learned these common sense lessons in elementary school … believe it or not, they still apply in business today.

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