Take Time to Evaluate Your Time

91187823_thbHow is your personal productivity ?

Do you accomplish everything you set out to do in a day?

Most people don’t, but great leaders do because they develop their skills to become a ‘personal productivity champion.’

One of the attributes of a personal productivity champion is the ability to crush time-wasters. If you can identify and crush time-wasters, you will accomplish more in a day.

Another attribute of a personal productivity champion is the ability to allocate their time in the most effective way.

After updating a personal productivity workshop for a client, I thought I would share these 3 – suggestions for effective time allocation with you.

1. Spend your time in a way that contributes to your goals, mission and / or vision.
2. Constantly ask yourself, “Is this what I should be spending my time on right now?”
3. Take time to plan and prioritize your day, week and month.

My leadership tip this week is to have you take the time to evaluate how you spend your time.

Are you focused on the right priorities?
Have you been procrastinating about finishing or starting an important task?
Are you leaving enough time for your family?
Are you more reactive than proactive?
Are you having fun?

I don’t have to tell you about the importance and value of time, but I’ll share these words from Michael Altshuler, “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

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