Don’t Be Afraid To Laugh

63320363_thbDo you laugh a lot?

It seems to me that there isn’t as much laughing going on in the world as there once was.

Maybe it’s just the seriousness of the times; we try not to offend so we stay fairly conservative in what we say. Or maybe there’s just nothing funny enough to make us laugh ?

Laughing is healthy. After all, laughter is regarded as the best medicine. It is, among other things supposed to reduce stress, increase blood flow, Improve memory and creativity.

Comic Mort Walker says, ‘seven days without laughter makes one weak’

In ‘Laughter’s Healthy Benefits – The Healing Power of Laughter’ the author does a nice job of outlining health benefits and helping you think about what makes you laugh.

We all need to laugh more. I don’t mean smile, or chuckle or be happy I mean belly laugh out loud more.

We have too much stress and tension going on every week … its killing us. We need to laugh more and make others laugh more … it’s healthy.

Think about it, when was the last time you had a good laugh? How about the time before that? … and the time before that?

If you have to think too hard about those recent laughs then you definitely need to laugh more … you need more medicine.

I think we’ve become afraid to laugh at work. We’re afraid of offending someone, we’ve been stifled by political correctness. I agree that we need to be sensitive to our surroundings … but we still can laugh.

My leadership tip for you this week is to encourage you to consciously seek out the things that make you laugh and make an effort to make others laugh more … it’s healthy.

Be mindful of others, but as leaders let’s not be afraid.

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