Avoiding the Bad Hire

16487088_thbOne of the most costly mistakes that an organization can make is that of a ‘bad hire.’

A bad hire to me is the person who was hired to fill a position in your organization that didn’t have the right skills to do the job or for a variety of reason, just wasn’t a good fit for the position they were hired for.

Believe me when I tell you that I’ve made a number of bad hires in my career.

Bad hires have a significant cost associated with them. Think about the wasted time and cost of the damage done by a bad hire. Productivity, customer satisfaction, morale, wrongful termination and duplication of effort to name just a few of the typical fallouts of a bad hire.

My leadership tip this week is to draw your attention to the hiring decisions being made in your organization … because this routine task should be far from routine.

When making the hire, ask yourself and others in your organization that are making hiring decisions these tough questions:

Do they fit into your culture and how do you know?

Do they really want the job or do they really need the job?

Is there good chemistry with the rest of the team and how do you know?

Do they have the skills to do the job, plus some?

How long before they start generating a return and can you wait that long?

Do they have the potential to grow within your organization and what makes you feel that way?

What baggage is the highly experienced industry person bringing with them? Every single one of them has some baggage; you just have to decide if you want to add it to your team.

Are you being objective? If you ever needed to rely on objectivity, making a hiring decision is the time.

What other questions do you think you should ask yourself … because when hiring people to your organization, you must remember that you are adding to your most important resource … and you absolutely must get it right.


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