Generating New Actions For Results

212 smallWe’d all like to improve ourselves.

We’d also like to improve the results of our business.

It is difficult to improve when we get caught in the routine of doing our normal day-to-day business … some people refer to this trap as ‘same ole – same ole.’

An effective way to get out of the rut and to generate ideas is to implement a technique I picked up from the inspirational book and video 212° – the Extra Degree.

See the 3-minute inspirational video here.

Ask yourself and / or your team to complete this statement:

If I or a team member did/made just one extra ____________each ____________, the results would be __________________________.

The first blank represents Action.
The second blank represents Time Frame.
The third blank represents the Outcome.

A few examples;

If I took just one extra course each quarter, the results would be a master’s degree in 2 – years.

If I made just one extra customer call each hour, the results would be 10 per cent more sales.

If we made just one extra proposal each day, the results would be $100,000 more sales.

My leadership tip this week is to suggest you download the attached worksheet then at your next meeting go around the table a few times challenging your team to come up with a handful of implementable suggestions – you’ll be surprised with the results.

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