Stay on Top With Drive and Unwavering Character

19022941_thbIt’s been quite a week for leadership lessons … I’m not sure where to start or finish … but let’s focus on just two stories.

Detroit, what happened to you?

Its way too complicated to dissect here, but I encourage you to extract what you can from the multiple reports coming out of Detroit. The best source I found for complete information is here.

Ryan Braun, what’s wrong with you? If you don’t know his story you can read it here.

My leadership tip for you this week is to understand what went on with these two major stories and make sure their ugly doesn’t happen to you.

A good take-away from the Detroit story is that you may be number one today … but you should never lose sight of the fact that you must continue to be relevant and competitive.

Ask yourself this question about your organization: What needs to be fixed, recalibrated or overhauled for us to remain relevant and competitive. Then go do it.

A good take-away from the Ryan Braun story is you may be on top of your game today, but cheating and lying won’t keep you there … they will ultimately bring you down.

Next time you find yourself doing something or hiding something that could possibly jeopardize your character … then you probably will. Then stop to think about Ryan Braun and the impact on your long term credibility – career – team – family – finances. Fix it now before it’s too late.

Remember, there is no room at the leadership table for complacency, cheating and lying.

There is however, plenty of room for honest mistakes, honest failures and for those with drive and unwavering character.

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