Are You Air-Tight ?

36605447_thbI came across an article on ‘fake executives’ who scammed some pretty big companies into free luxury flights, limos, hotels and jewelry.

Too bad for them they got caught … but imagine what they could have done to you and your organization!

Here is the short article if you want to learn more about how they did it and how they got caught.

If the companies involved, did a better job with their policies and procedures they may have caught these guys sooner. They needed tighter controls and they needed to follow them closer.

The article inspired this week’s leadership tip. Avoid being scammed or stolen from by evaluating your policies, procedures for air-tight control and implementation.

I know what you’re thinking, we’re all very busy, we’re short on staff … and we don’t have time for this right now. Well, you should make time for this now because it may be costing you big bucks and you don’t even know it.

Even though business may be very good for you right now … you still can’t afford to be scammed.

Here are 7 – places for you to begin your evaluation … recognize you likely have more places to look.

Is your current credit approval process for customers air-tight?

Is your pick up and drop off procedures for materials and supplies air-tight?

Is your funding and expense approval process air-tight?

Is your procurement of goods and services policy air-tight?

Is your computer data and personal identity air-tight?

Is documentation for everything your organization does air-tight?

Is your current vetting process when hiring new employees air-tight?

Do not take things for granted. There are plenty of crooks in this world so you need to constantly protect yourself, your family and your business.

It’s easy to be scammed, but it’s easier to have air-tight controls in place to ensure the scammers take their business elsewhere.

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