The Top 7 – Coaching Characteristics of a Great Leader

39177340_thbCollege and professional football is in full swing and we are constantly hearing from many of the coaches about their teams.

Among many things, they talk about are the areas they feel their team has improved in and how certain players are working on certain skills.

They’re coaches in the truest sense of the word. They want their teams and individuals on their teams to be successful.

Leaders are coaches too … at least they should be.

Leaders who can be effective at coaching are generally more successful. Their teams are truly engaged and productive. They spend less time putting out fires, they experience greater profitability and customer satisfaction … all because they’ve done a great job in coaching their team.

I love the leader that can coach.

Not all leaders are great coaches. Some leaders may be good at barking out orders or telling someone what to do, but they’re not very good at coaching someone through a situation … they have never taken the time to develop the skills nor positioned themselves to coach.

My leadership tip for you this week is to commit to spending more of your time coaching. Coaching can accelerate learning and development … and have a positive impact on your organization today and on someone for the rest of their life.

Exceptional leaders have a solid base of knowledge to share and typically own these 7 – characteristics:

1. A strong desire and willingness to coach others

2. Are always available to coach

3. A tremendous amount of patience

4. A powerful ability to communicate

5. Are good at holding others accountable

6. Are creative in their approach

7. Are results driven

How many of these do you possess? … How many of these have you perfected ?

If you want to achieve long term profitable growth, be a leader that is good at coaching.

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