We’re Here To Make A Difference

Logo1Last weekend while in Phoenix, I attended a chapter meeting of the National Speakers Association.

Also in attendance, much to my surprise, was a gentleman by the name of Somers White … I had a chance to introduce myself to him during one of the breaks.

This was very special for me because in 1976 I attended a company sales meeting where Somers was hired as a motivational speaker … and I still remember his message … ‘life is a bowl full of cherries and if you’re not careful you may end up with nothing but the pits.’

He had large red balloons (representing the cherries) on the stage, then as he identified the challenges we’re faced with, he proceeded to pop the balloons one by one.

He seemed pleased when I mentioned my being in the audience 38 – years ago and the ‘cherries’ message has stuck with me. In fact, when I think about it, I deliver a similar message (although not as dramatically) in many of my presentations … ‘never think you’ve made it.’

Somers White made a difference in my career and life. He continues to make a difference by traveling the world speaking professionally.

My leadership tip this week is to have you reflect on the difference you are making in the lives you touch. Ask yourself these questions:

How active are you in developing the next generation of leaders in your company?
How active are you in developing the next generation of leaders in your industry?
How effective are your mentoring efforts?
How have you demonstrated that you are looking out for your team?
Will you, your message, your work, your guidance, your leadership be remembered 40 – years from now?

As a leader, you are in an influential position to make a difference in this world – I encourage you to make the most of the opportunity.

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