Win The War On Counterproductive Activity

Source-Tip-Coin-FrontDo you ever think about the term counterproductive?

Unfortunately the government shutdown has caused me to be thinking more about counterproductive activity.

My view is you are being counterproductive if you are doing something that defeats the purpose of what you want to do.

As an example, from a personal perspective, it would be counterproductive if you…

*Want to lose weight but constantly eat junk food.
*Want to get a degree in business but don’t go to class or study.
*Go to the post office to buy stamps when you’re in a hurry.
*Were busy creating a living and too busy to enjoy your life.
*Order anchovies on your pizza when you’re allergic to anchovies.

From a business perspective, it would be counterproductive if you…

*Take the time to plan your day but you don’t follow the plan.
*Conduct an employee engagement survey and do nothing with the results.
*Create and implement strategies that drag down your business.
*Hire people to do a job but don’t train them to do the job.
*Attend a trade show to network with customers but spend your time on the phone.

My leadership tip for you this week is to seek out and eliminate at least one counterproductive activity in your business. If you do this successfully, you will feel better about yourself, your business and your credibility as a leader will be reinforced.

To do this effectively you must be brutally honest with yourself. Then, simply review your calendar over the past month or two and see what you can identify. Share the concept of seek and eliminate counterproductive activity with your direct reports, other employees, customers and / or vendors and see what they come up with.

My belief is if you find one counterproductive activity, you’ll find more … eliminate them and you will win the war on counterproductive activity.

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