Halloween = Creativity = Exceptional Leadership

untitledHappy Halloween!

Halloween is a fun time for the kids. It’s also an opportunity for the adults to enjoy the kids and the ‘spirit’ of the Halloween – which is many things, including the massive amounts of creativity surrounding this annual event.

There are creative costumes, creative decorations, creative treats, creative tricks, creative invitations, creative parties, creative food, creative drinks … Halloween is full of creativity.

It just takes a little imagination to get everyone enthused and engaged … but the effort is always worth it. .

My leadership tip for you this week is to heighten your organizations level of creativity. Think about how the simplicity of Halloween can inspire you and your organization to become more creative, which can lead to a more fun and productive workplace … which can lead to improved customer satisfaction and greater employee engagement.

Creativity is not a leadership characteristic that we all possess …for some, creativity comes naturally, but for others,

it is a painful challenge that we struggle with, so we avoid it or ignore the importance of it. Don’t give up, creativity can be developed.

If you need a little creativity boost, here is an article entitled 25 Ways to Be More Creative which may help you.

Creativity is work and it requires us to embrace change – which could be the root of the problem – most people don’t like change … however, exceptional leaders do.

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