Leadership Landmines

Smoking%20Shoes2As this leadership tip is being released, I’m in Las Vegas presenting at the annual conference of the Associated Builders and Contractors, Institute for Leadership and Development.

The 2 – presentations I’m giving at this conference are:

1. Employee Disengagement: The Dog That Will Bite You
2. 29 – Leadership Landmines That Will Rock Your World

The ABC audience will receive a number of nuggets out of the presentations and I thought it would be beneficial to share a few with you.

My leadership tip of the week this week is to identify 3 – leadership landmines in your world and formulate the appropriate action to keep your team focused and engaged.

“Leadership Landmines are 100% controllable actions, inactions, behaviors, wordswhich negatively impact a leader’s ability to profitably grow their business through others.”

Here are 3 – common (but often overlooked) leadership landmines to get you started:

1. Culture – if we are not careful, our desired company culture can change to an undesirable culture seemingly overnight. Leaders have to constantly reinforce the organizations culture by speaking about it, referring to it when decisions are made or actions are taken. Think about the last time you acknowledged or addressed culture with your team … or are their silos growing in your organization?

2. Enthusiasm Level – Leaders must set the tone with enthusiasm. The bounce in their step, the tone of their voice, the smile on their face and the positive words that they use are just a few ways leaders display their enthusiasm for their business. Think about your enthusiasm level … is it, ramped up to a level that generates excitement in your organization?

3. Goals – In my travels, I find most people don’t have goals – many of them want goals but they don’t know how to create meaningful ones, so they don’t. Others don’t see the value in them. Think about the opportunities being missed because of misplaced, unmeasured or undefined goals … a huge leadership landmine. Goals matter!

Where are your landmines?

Leadership is an extremely challenging assignment. However, being aware of the numerous ‘leadership landmines’ and learning to navigate through them makes the journey very worthwhile and rewarding.

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