Tuesdays With Ted

untitledHelen Keller reminds us, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

I recently presented a seminar on employee engagement to a group of about 50 business leaders. My objective was to provide the audience with strategies, tips, techniques and ideas on achieving higher levels of employee engagement.

During an interactive segment of the presentation, I was asking the audience of things that they did to provide ‘an abundance of teamwork and collaboration’ – a key employee engagement driver.

A number of ideas surfaced … but one in particular rocked the house !

I asked for and received permission to share it with you.

Every Tuesday this leader would get his team together and they would watch a relevant Ted Talks video together. Then they’d discuss it as a group. They would individually speak on what they took away from the video and how it applies to their work or team.

They call this experience Tuesdays with Ted … brilliant !

With the above as backdrop, my leadership tip this week is to have you seek new and creative ways to engage your employees by instilling an abundance of teamwork and collaboration throughout your organization.

To get you started … consider incorporating the Tuesdays with Ted idea. You can find a list of the Ted Talks presentation topics here.

Expand the idea to include the videos and content from the Values.com website … you can also download this PDF containing 40 – inspirational videos from Simple Truths.

Employee engagement is critical to your success as a leader. To derive the benefits of an organization crawling with engaged employees, you must:

1. Have the ability to build a fully functional team.

2. Tear down any existing silos.

3. Be effective at achieving high levels of collaboration throughout the organization.
There are so many fun and inspiring things you can do to engage your team … you just have to make the effort.

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