Create A New Tradition

untitledAlthough there are many traditions throughout the year, this is the time of year that tradition plays a bigger part in our lives.

We have seasonal traditions at work and we have them at home as well. Traditions can be good … there are many that I like and there are a few I’d change if I could.

I came across the ‘Silent Night Celebration’ tradition’ of Taylor University. You absolutely must see this video if you haven’t already. It is truly fun and inspiring.

According to video description, every year on the Friday before final exams, Taylor students remain quiet from the start of the game until the 10th point is scored. After that, the crowd erupts in one of college basketball’s best traditions. Fans later sing “Silent Night” together.

Pretty special !

My leadership tip this week is to encourage you to create and introduce at least one new tradition within your organization (or family) that will get your organization (or family) excited in the New Year.

Think about it, your options are virtually unlimited. You can start a new tradition that is company related, seasonal related, industry related, customer related, volunteer related, good-cause related, family related … there is no shortage of areas to focus on.

If you think you already have enough traditions going on within your organizations, I challenge you to evaluate the one’s you have and determine if any of them should be replaced with a new more exciting and vibrant tradition.

You can do this. Exceptional leaders find a way to create traditions that are fun, exciting and impactful.

Many of us look forward to traditions … make your next one a memorable one.

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