Employee Engagement Resolutions

untitledAs the New Year begins, many people consider various ‘resolutions’ they will be committed to achieving during the year.

Ideally these resolutions will help them become better in some way … and I’m all for it – we should all strive to improve.

My leadership tip to start this year, is to have you focus on resolutions that improve employee engagement. If you can achieve higher levels of employee engagement, just think how fantastic your organization will become.

Employee engagement impacts all aspects of your business … everything from employee attraction to customer satisfaction … and it definitely needs your attention.

Here are just 3 – resolutions for you to consider elevating levels of employee engagement:

1. Every employee will clearly see that they have an opportunity to grow or advance in your organization.

2. Every employee will clearly understand the relevance and importance of their role in achieving the organizations vision / mission.

3. Improve the quality of communication by utilizing at least 3 – new communication techniques.

If you think you’ve already got these 3 – resolutions covered, then look at your reward and recognition efforts, or your compensation program, or the way your managers are perceived by those that report to them … there really is no shortage of areas to consider. If you’re still not sure what to do, give me a call, I’ll help you out.

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