Excellence Challenge

untitledThink about this quote from Winston Churchill.

“Excellence is … Caring more than others think is wise;
Risking more than others think is safe;
Dreaming more than others think is practical.
Expecting more than others think is possible.”

You might have to read it a couple of times to fully absorb the full power of the message, but it is powerful.

My leadership tip for you this week is to evaluate your level of excellence as defined by Mr. Churchill.

Caring – do you show that you really care about your organization? … or is there more that you could and should do? Think your team, customers and community

Risking – are you taking the kind of reasonable risks that will catapult your organization to a higher level? … or are your strategies and plans conservative and safe? Think marketing, competition and market share.

Dreaming – do you have a vision for your organization that is exciting and a stretch? … or is your vision, conservative and boring words on paper? … Also think improvement, creativity and innovation … or are you operating the same way as you always have?

Expecting – are the challenges you’ve given your organization reasonable given the resources you’ve allowed? … or are they basic mundane performance challenges? Think growth, quality and customer service performance.

If you think about this quote, Winston Churchill is challenging us to be better and more exciting than we currently are.

Everyone wants to be part of an exciting organization that’s going places. It’s our job to lead them there … let’s accept the Churchill Excellence Challenge !

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