Leader of the Year

AwardYou may have noticed the other day that Time Magazine announced their choice for person of the year for 2013 … the Pope.

According to this interview with TIME Editor Jim Kelly, their annual selection is ‘the person who most affected the events of the year, for better or for worse.’

I’m not here to debate the choice, but I would like to emphasis a point – stay with me.

Who do you think was the TIME person of the year was in 2007 … don’t know ?

OK, how about 2009 ? Don’t know that one either … don’t feel bad, most people don’t remember either.

Try this question, who was your favorite middle school or high school teacher or coach?

Most of us have instant recall on that question. The reason we remember, is because they meant something to us. We felt they really cared about us as students and wanted us to succeed, or maybe we remember them because we felt they made a difference in our lives.

They are somebody we’ll never forget … they cared, they really cared.

We always seem to forget the previous year’s selections of TIME’s person of the year because we don’t feel they had the same impact on us personally.

If your organization selected a leader of the year, would you have been selected in 2013? Were you the one who made the biggest positive impact on your organization and your people?

My leadership tip for you this week is to encourage you to take a few hours to reflect on the positive impact you had on your organizations success this past year and to reflect on the opportunities you might have missed.
If you want to provide exceptional leadership (or be selected as your organizations 2014 leader of the year) you will have to have a greater impact than you did this year. Here are 3 – suggestions to get you started:

1. Think about the changes you’ll have to make to accelerate the development of your direct reports … then make them.

2. Think about the effectiveness of your time. You absolutely have to become a personal productivity champion to achieve maximum impact.

3. Think about your top 3 – missed opportunities. What are the 3 – actions you could have taken to turn this missed opportunity into a homerun?

Good leaders get a little bit better every year, but exceptional leaders accelerate their growth each year.

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