Work-Life Balance Is Critical

untitledIf you’ve ever been to one of my leadership presentations, you probably heard me talk about the importance of work-life balance for leaders.

If you haven’t, but are interested in a copy of my work-life balance test, feel free to email me with ‘work -life balance’ in the subject line and I’ll be happy to send it to you.

I typically talk about the importance of a leader achieving a reasonable work-life balance for them so they are able to maintain a high level of personal productivity … we aren’t as productive at work as we need to be if we’re experiencing stress at home – and vice versa.

I also talk about the importance of the leader paying attention to the work-life balance of those that report to them for the same reason … and because leaders care !

When I think about it, I never bring up the impact exercise has on work-life balance … mainly because I’ve never thought about it until I read an interesting and helpful article on the topic – you can read it here.

My leadership tip for you this week is to read this article and share it with others. Begin to incorporate a regular amount of exercise in your weekly routine to extract the work-life balance benefits reported.

Additionally, follow these 5 – steps to work-life balance … it is my personal proven formula.

1. Decide what is good work-life balance for you – everyone is different.

2. Plan – maintain a calendar with both business and personal activities.

3. Communicate – make sure the family knows what’s going on at work and work knows what’s going on at home.

4. Adjust – make the necessary adjustments to achieve the desired balance (the hardest part).

5. Communicate some more.

Let me know if you need a little coaching to achieve your desired results.

I sincerely hope you achieve the quality of work-life balance that works for you … and that you are able to inspire those around you to achieve theirs.

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