Procactive Wins Over Reactive

untitledWe’ve all been in a situation that has aggravated us … a boring meeting … conflict with a co-worker or the boss … a noisy neighbor … or similar, and we’ve reacted or responded in a way that we regret.

We need to be careful and think things through more thoroughly.

Take as an example, the recent story of a man who was shot in a movie theatre after an argument with a fellow movie-goer. The argument was over texting during the movie.

Or the man who is awaiting sentencing after being found guilty for shooting his gun at teenagers who were playing loud music at a gas station. He is facing up to 60 years !!

I’m not even going to mention the road rage incidents that happen all too frequently … often resulting in property damage and / or death.

These, among many others are very serious situations that we could all be faced with in the blink of an eye.

My leadership tip for you this week is to avoid bad situations by thinking things through in advance. I call this Thinkership – the practice of mindful preparedness.

I want you to avoid the mishaps at work and away from work utilizing the principles of Thinkership.

There are many factors involved, but here are a couple of Thinkership practices you can begin to take:

1. Slow down and start thinking – by slowing down and thinking more, you will be positioned to make better decisions faster.

2. Anticipate and plan – by anticipating situations and planning the solution before it becomes a problem for you.

We all make mistakes in our lives and there are some decisions we make in the heat of the moment that we absolutely need to avoid.

It’s best to be a leader who is more proactive than reactive.

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