Prepare To Say No

untitledBusiness and corruption happens.

Bernie Madoff and others have made headlines over the past few years for their illegal activities and are now in prison … as they should be.

It’s now many years later and we see that Madoff’s staff is on the ‘hot seat’ for allegedly participating in his devious plan. If you like you can read this recent article from USA Today.

So it brings to question, what should you do when your boss wants you to agree to (or say) something that you know is wrong?

It’s best to answer this question now – before it becomes an issue.

Some people feel trapped because the boss signs the pay checks and can help or ruin careers. Don’t feel trapped.

My leadership tip for you this week is to never participate in the lies and morally wrong action(s) of your boss. You must demonstrate and preserve your unwavering character. Your integrity is part of your value system and you must protect it.

Take a few minutes and think about the different scenarios you could be involved in at work. Is it quality product sacrifices, or financial reporting, or a personnel issue, or something else?

Knowing how you will handle a situation in advance is ‘the practice of mindful preparedness’ – Thinkership.

You can either stand your ground with your boss … or you can simply run away. It’s your decision; because the alternative of participation is not a very good one … just ask the Madoff team now on trial.

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