Don’t Forget The Value of Personal Goals

DSC_0001%20revised2This is the time of year many of us start our 2014 business planning.

We’re busy reflecting on the past year and wondering what went right, what went wrong and what can we do about improving our situation going forward. We’re also busy formulating new strategies and new goals.

All good and necessary for business, however, many of us fail to do the same thing for our personal lives.

We don’t place the same level of importance on setting personal goals as we do business goals.

I don’t know who said it, but I like it; “you work to live but don’t forget to live.”

My leadership tip this week is to remind you of the importance of enjoying your work and enjoying your life. Don’t let them get out of balance … particularly during the hectic pace of trying to finish this year while planning next year.

I suggest you begin to think about creating a few new and exciting goals for your personal life. They don’t have to be ‘material’ in nature … they can be ‘nature’ in nature.

Let me offer you 3 – suggestions to get you started:

Before the end of 2014, enjoy watching the sunset a minimum of 24 times.

Before the end of 2014, enjoy watching the sunrise a minimum of 24 times.

Before the end of 2014, enjoy watching the sunset from one or more of the best places in the USA to watch such an event – here is a list of where to go.

I heard a speaker at conference indicate a large number of people (around 90%) don’t set personal goals. If true, I’d recommend being in the minority on that one.

There is great value in personal goals. Leaders perform better when they have mastered the delicate balance between work and life … I’d like that for you.

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