I learned early in my management career that you can’t do everything yourself – even though you think you can. You’ve got to learn how to delegate and empower others so that you can be more effective. Think about this phrase I coined … The less I do, the more I get done.’

What this means to me is, if I can delegate others to do the things don’t require my expertise but do consume my time, then I can spend more time on providing the necessary leadership to get the team to where I want to take them.

Here are my 5 top delegation keys to successful delegation:

1. Carefully select the right person (skills and capabilities) to complete the task you are delegating.

2. Make sure they understand the importance and relevance of the task.

3. Let them select the deadline to complete the task.

4. Follow up on an agreed upon schedule – hold them accountable.

5. Appreciate and recognize their successful completion of the task.

Don’t let the ‘delegation dog’ bite you … be very careful in what you delegate to others and how you manage it.

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Are You Managing or Leading ?

 My guess is that you’re real busy right now. But are you busy working on the correct things ?

Are you wrapped up working on the challenges of the day, when as the leader you should be working on what’s important to your business six to twelve months from now ?

My tip for you this week is to get out from under today’s challenges and begin to spend your time on your business; 3-months, 6-months and 12 months out.  

 Look at the pile of things you’re working on today and ask yourself; “Who else could be working on this instead of me?”

Delegate and make the necessary calendar adjustments to put yourself in a position to spend most of your time ‘in front’ of your business, instead of spending your time ‘in’ your business.

Don’t get me wrong, spending time ‘in’ your business is important … but it should be a smaller percentage of your time than the time spent ‘on’ your business. 

Another way to look at it is … are you managing or leading ? 

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