Learn From The Best Leaders In The World

untitledWhen you think about the world’s best leaders, who do you think of ?

What are the attributes, characteristics and qualities that make them the world’s best?

This article by ‘CNN Money’ does a nice job of answering these questions … ‘The Worlds 50 Greatest Leaders.

If you don’t have time to read the article now, do yourself a favor and save the link to read the article later.

A few highlights:

#3 – Alan Mulally, CEO Ford Motor Co.

A few highlights:

#3 – Alan Mulally, CEO Ford Motor Co.

He saved the company without resorting to bankruptcy or bailouts by doing what previous leaders had tried and failed to do: change Ford’s risk-averse, reality-denying, CYA-based culture.

# 11 – Derek Jeter, Captain New York Yankees

Never offer excuses or give less than maximum effort

#16 – Jack Ma Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group

He has exhorted employees to “think big” and “work for their dreams!” He did that himself and built Alibaba into the world’s largest online business, with some 100 million shoppers a day and higher revenues than Amazon and eBay combined.

#29 – Howard Shultz, CEO Starbucks

He understood that he was creating an experience, not selling a product.

#43 – Peter Diamandis, CEO X Prize Foundation

He makes each person understand that their role is critical to the success of their organization and in turn that the overall project is critical to transforming the world.

My leadership tip this week is to encourage you to read this article and extract the inspiration that will you help you take your leadership and your organization to the next level.

There are plenty of pearls of wisdom from these leaders; I challenge you to find and implement at least one.

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Generating New Actions For Results

212 smallWe’d all like to improve ourselves.

We’d also like to improve the results of our business.

It is difficult to improve when we get caught in the routine of doing our normal day-to-day business … some people refer to this trap as ‘same ole – same ole.’

An effective way to get out of the rut and to generate ideas is to implement a technique I picked up from the inspirational book and video 212° – the Extra Degree.

See the 3-minute inspirational video here.

Ask yourself and / or your team to complete this statement:

If I or a team member did/made just one extra ____________each ____________, the results would be __________________________.

The first blank represents Action.
The second blank represents Time Frame.
The third blank represents the Outcome.

A few examples;

If I took just one extra course each quarter, the results would be a master’s degree in 2 – years.

If I made just one extra customer call each hour, the results would be 10 per cent more sales.

If we made just one extra proposal each day, the results would be $100,000 more sales.

My leadership tip this week is to suggest you download the attached worksheet then at your next meeting go around the table a few times challenging your team to come up with a handful of implementable suggestions – you’ll be surprised with the results.

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Heart of a Teacher – A Great Teacher’s Gift

 No matter your age, you can most likely remember you favorite elementary, middle school or high school teacher.

You remember because you trusted them, they taught you something and were a great influence in helping shape your values.

Similar to your favorite boss – he/she you trusted because they looked out for you and they helped you develop in your career.

With another school year winding down, it is a good time to reflect on teachers. What they do for our children, what they’ve done for us and the influence they’ve had on our lives.

I recently read this great little book entitled – “Heart of a Teacher” by Paula J. Fox. I found it to be warm, brought back great memories and full of inspiration … with a number of  lessons to apply in the business world.

It contains a segment on “100 ways to encourage a child” … most of which can apply to adults in the working world as well.

If you are looking for a teacher’s gift … this is an economical and practical way to say thank you to the teacher who plays such a big part of your childs / children’s life.

To learn more about the great things “Heart of a Teacher” has to offer, you can download both of these documents:



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How To Sell More In A Down Market

Over the past number of weeks I have neglected my blog postings as I have been working on an eBook – How To Sell More In A Down Market – The Leadership Secrets To Dynamite Sales Results.

Well almost done with the book and back to my leadership blog.

The eBook is not a selling skills book, but instead a challenge to sales professionals to take a leadership approach to their sales responsibilities. By doing so they ideally will improve their sales results.

The eBook is full of leadership advice, tips, tools and inspiration.

If sales professionals begin with taking accountability for their results – just like CEO’s or small business owners do – then they will turn to finding solutions for more sales instead of – “it’s not my fault I’m not selling my targets, it’s the market … business is bad”.

Don’t know who said it, but there is “no new business … only someone elses business”. So let’s go get it. Which means you have to plan, strategize, be productive, get excited, get better and make sure you are a professional with the right attributes for success.

Hopefully the book helps someone sell more and bring home a fatter commission check.

You can learn more at the books website HERE

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