Make It A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

The Memorial Day weekend is quickly approaching and my Leadership Tip this week is to urge you to accomplish the following 3 – things during this time:

  1. Make a special effort to remember those lost while serving this country. It is because of their sacrifice that we have the freedom that we do.
  2. You’ve been running hard since the beginning of the year, so spend some good quality time with your family … what can you do that will be special and unique?
  3. Spend a little time alone to reflect on your business thus far this year … make a list of  the 3 – things that you are most pleased with … and make a list of the 3 – things that you are least pleased with.When you get back to work next week acknowledge and appreciate the contributors to the first list and get to work on fixing the second list … this is what exceptional leaders do.

Sounds like a great weekend doesn’t it ?

Enjoy your leadership journey !

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