It’s All About The Results

Let’s think about your strategies for a few minutes.

Have they been designed to achieve top line growth … bottom line growth … increase / defend market share … customer satisfaction … or something else?

Are you satisfied with your results?

We know Blockbuster, Sears, Radio Shack and a many other retailers are not satisfied with their results.

Winston Churchill once said, ‘however beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results’.

All of the above mentioned companies at one time were implementing strategies that worked real well … and then it seems like all of a sudden their results were off and it was too late.

My leadership tip for you this week is to slow down and take a real close look at the results of your strategies.

This isn’t hard to do, but most of us don’t do it.

We get busy … we get distracted … we lose our focus … our priorities get out of alignment … and then the next thing you know, we wonder why we aren’t having the kind of success we thought we would.

By focusing on the results of your strategies you will be able to identify necessary adjustments in execution or modifications to the action plans designed to achieve the expected results.

You may also realize that you have the wrong strategy.

Don’t be stubborn – change it.

It’s good to be committed to a strategy … but it’s even better to be good at measuring the results and taking action.

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Upgrading – A Brilliant Strategy

36829233_thbIn many areas, it appears the job market has improved dramatically over the past year.

I’m also seeing that many jobs are going to highly qualified people — in fact it seems like many of the jobs are being filled by over qualified candidates.

As an example, a coaching client of mine was recently offered two jobs with two different organizations. The employers were filling positions and wanted him because he is very, very good … in fact arguably over qualified.

Another client of mine is being hounded by multiple ‘head hunters’. He’s also very good but is very engaged with what he is doing with his current employer.

As employers are filling voids in their organization, they’re upgrading … a brilliant strategy!

The thinking is, there is an abundance of highly talented people still looking for work …or looking to change employers … why not fill our positions with the best people available?

Who doesn’t like an upgrade?

My leadership tip this week is to encourage you to hire the best possible over qualified candidate you can find. Have the courage to fill your organization with people better than what you had (have) and who are better than you.

Hire experience, knowledge and expertise. Don’t be afraid or intimidated by it; become effective in leading it – channeling it and your organization will be better for it.

Two additional thoughts for you:

1. Protect the culture – avoid the bad hire

2. Don’t forget about the importance of continuing with your professional development plans – if you hire the best, you have to keep up with the best, so I urge you to continue to work on upgrading your skills as well.

Upgrading … brilliant!

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The Last Lecture – Leadership Lesson 1

I found the Randy Pausch Last Lecture video and book very uplifting and inspiring – full of life and leadership lessons. If you haven’t seen the video, you can see it here … and you can get the book here.


Leaders Don’t Complain

Although there may be plenty of reasons to complain, exceptional leaders don’t. Leaders don’t complain about such things as;

* their own management team

* their employee’s

* the terrible market place they’re in

* sales and financial results

* product quality

* lack of innovation

Exceptional leaders don’t sit around complaining about these sorts of things – they view these problems as their problems so they respond with well thought out solutions … and they do it quickly.

Some of the most common workforce complainers can be certain individuals on a sales force. They complain about everything. As an example;

* the product price is to high compared to the competition

* the product offering is not as good as the competition

* the product delivery is not as good as the competition

* the market is terrible and I’m not making enough money

* our competitors are killing us and I’m not making enough money

* management is not doing enough

And it goes on and on … I’ve heard it all.

Well Randy Pausch said it best in his book (pg.139) “complaining is not a strategy”.

Instead of taking the time and energy to complain about all of the things you complain about, spend that time and energy to develop strategies complete with action plans to address the challenge you are faced with.

First of all … a positive mind set wins out over a negative mindset every time and properly training or re-training your sales force in a down market always works.

As for the other noted complaint opportunities mentioned … fix the people you are not happy with or get rid of them

… re-evaluate the strategies you have for the market conditions you’re in adjust

… address the specific product quality problems and fix them ensuring you hold the right people accountable

… re-visit your product innovation objectives and make sure they are in line with your current business strategy

… and “complaining is not a strategy”

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